Student Testimonials

“Well organized and superb examples! I really appreciate this class, it made things very clear for me.”


–John S. 2017

“The class needed to be long, and you kept us engaged. I liked the practical information about this objective way of evaluating investments.”


–Peggy M.  2017

“Perfect for very limited knowledge in this area—to the point, understandable, and practical.”


–Jerry M. 2017

“Excellent! The presentation was concise and understandable and the materials are user friendly. I was able to apply what I learned and, with some practice and a follow up conversation with Andy, I developed a consistent strategy for managing my stocks and mutual funds. The class was worth ten times the money and time I expended.


–Matt G.  March 2017

Awesome. I have taken several classes and read a lot — I feel this is the most practical instruction for investing.


–Kathy L.  March 2017

“Excellent presentation of great information. Very efficient!”


–Ray W.  March 2017

“Very comprehensive, balanced. I feel it is a truly wise and pragmatic approach. Thanks!”


–Ellen K. February 2017

Building block approach was excellent. Presentation of material very well done.”


–Mary S. February 2017

“As an off-and-on investor, I thoroughly enjoyed the investing workshop! Andre Ratkai is a great teacher and his methods really help to show if a security is worth a buy or a sell.”


–Mike M. February 2017

Great. Very concise and to the point. I’ve never been to a class like this that will help with personal investing immediately.


–Mary B.  October 2016

“A good way to evaluate stocks & mutual funds. The class was informative and worth the money and time.


–Janine F. October 2016

“Excellent, simple presentation, easy to understand process. Objective process for decision making.


–David G.

“Light bulbs went on throughout the day- This is the first investment seminar that was explained in such an easy way for the novice investor to understand.


–Victoria J.

Learned more applicable info in one day than four years in college.”


–Kathy B.

“Very useful- What I needed to gain conviction, stop guessing and trying to predict– Less worry about the uncontrollable.”


–Stan W.

Easy to understand and presented very well. I brought my husband along because I was sure it would be over my head, BUT I understood all of it.”


–Teresa L.