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InvestAcademy teaches you a practical method for selecting stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. In our 5-hour course we examine and quantify seven crucial factors and tally them in scorecard format. We score each factor, and at the end of the process the securities with the highest scores have the highest probability of success. This makes it easy to see which stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs are good investments and which should be avoided.


We show you what information to focus on, where to find it online, and how to score it. By the end of the course you’ll be equipped with the tools to start evaluating your own holdings and making smarter decisions immediately.


Measure, evaluate, and make confident decisions. This is where other programs fall short. Rather than just adding to the data and overload of information, InvestAcademy provides focus to make smart investment decisions.

InvestAcademy Class

What You Receive When You Attend.

InvestAcademy Registration Workbook Materials

Full Class

A comprehensive class that will walk you through the seven fundamental & technical factors that comprise InvestAcademy’s scorecard method.


Easy-to-Use Workbook

Take the knowledge gained with you in an easy-to-reference workbook. Easily go back through the process in order to repeat your success.


Ready-to-Use Scorecards

Scorecards in both digital and hard copy format allow you to keep your research intact. Easily keep your portfolio up-to-date, a key aspect of staying on top of market changes as they occur.


One-on-One Tutorial

A chance to bring your questions to the instructor in a private setting. The tutorial is designed to cement your understanding of the InvestAcademy proccess.

Class Syllabus

This is the specific material we cover in the course. We teach you how to gather the information and how to apply it.



Defining the Problem
  • Cutting Through the Noise
  • Making a Decision
  • Monitoring Your Decisions
  • Repeating Your Successes


Defining the Solution
  • Balance, Adaptation, Quantitative Basis, Repeatability
  • Essential Financial Physics


Stock Scorecard
  • Intro, Layout, and Goals of Application


Mutual Fund Scorecard
  • Intro, Layout, and Goals of Application

Part 1: Vital Technical Factors


Time Tested Trend Analysis


“Point and Figure” (P&F) Charts-Rules and Proper Construction
  • In Class Interpretation of Buy and Sell Signals
  • Applying to the Scorecard


How to Find Point & Figure Charts


P&F Charts: The Major Trend
  • Bullish Support Line
  • Bearish Resistance Line
  • Importance of Major Trend in Evaluating Risk
  • Finding and Constructing the Major Trend Line
  • In Class Interpretation of Major Trend
  • Applying to the Scorecard


P&F Charts-Relative Strength
  • Meaning of “Relative Strength”
  • Implications of Relative Strength
  • Constructing Relative Strength P&F Charts
  • In Class Interpretation of Relative Strength
  • Applying to the Scorecard

Part 2: Vital Fundamental Factors


Stocks-Vital Fundamental Factors
  • Primary Source: Value Line Investment Survey
  • Importance and meaning of the factors
  • Factor 1: Return on Total Capital
  • Factor 2: Value Line Timeliness Measure
  • Factor 3: Growth at a Reasonable Price
  • Finding the data on the Value Line page
  • Applying to the Scorecard


Mutual Funds-Vital Fundamental Factors
  • Primary Source: Morningstar Mutual Funds
  • Importance and meaning of the factors
  • Factor 1: Sharpe Ratio
  • Factor 2: Alpha Ratio
  • Factor 3: Expense Ratio
  • Finding the data on
  • Applying to the Scorecard


Pulling It All Together
  • Review of Completed Scorecards
  • Interpretation of the Results


Sources of Information

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